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How to Make Turmeric Paste


Turmeric paste is made by combining black pepper as absorption almost half teaspoon, also combine organic coconut oil as absorption. And also add the turmeric in half cup. Add the Turmeric in a saucepan, then combine the black pepper, after adding the black pepper, add the organic coconut oil. then add water a cup of water, start to boil in medium high and stir but be careful don’t let the turmeric paste to burn, just after you see it has a thick form paste finished the process. And add in a vase and save it in the refrigerator you can use up to 2-3 weeks to use it edible.

Benefits of Turmeric:

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
Helps Keep The Memory Sharp
Helps Reduce and Prevent Arthritis
Strengthens The Immune System
Improves Cognitive Function
Helps Boost Mood
Natural Pain Reliever
Can Help Lower Risk of Cancer
One of Nature’s Strongest Anti-Inflammatory Plants

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