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How To Cure Parkinson’s Disease



Parkinson’s Disease

This is a disorder of the basal ganglia group of cells in the brain which transmit conscious messages
to the nerves and muscles.When the ganglia degenerate voluntary movement becomes impaired, sometimes in just some muscle groups and in other cases, in many. Each case is unique depending on the extent of the degeneration of nerve cells.It is most characterized by the uncontrollable twitching of muscles. The muscles also stiffen, making muscle difficult.

The essential oils are very helpful to Parkinson’s sufferer because many of the oils work on the central nervous system and can bring great relief. Massage prevents muscles stiffening and maintains mobility. Warm, fragrant baths are often a cure for depression that often accompanies the condition when sensual pleasures are diminished.

If you have Parkinson’s massage yourself as often as possible, as best you can. Better still, ask someone to massage you, and if you can manage to visit an aromatherapist once a month, that will make all the difference.

Use the following essential oils in baths and massage oils:

Essential Oils to Alleviate
Muscle Stiffness And Work on the Central System.

Rosemary                      Marjoram
Lemon                               Nutmeg
Hop                                    Lavender
Basil                                 Geranium
Orange                           Valerian
Bergamot                     Thyme

Parkinson’s Bath Formula

Orange                            5 drops
Bergamot                       5 drops
Lavender                      10 drops

Blend together in these proportions and use 4-6 drops in a bath.

Parkinson’s General Massage oils.

Nutmeg                                          5 drps
Valerian                                          2 drops
Geranium                                       5 drops
Rosemary                                   18 drops

Diluted in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.


Parkinson;s massage oil
For Muscles Stiffnes

Marjoram                                   10 drops
Basil                                                 5 drops
Rosemary                                  10 drops
Lemon                                             5 drops

Diluted in 2 tablespoons vegetable oil.

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