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How To Cure Bad Foot Odor


Foot Odor


Having feet that smell less than sweet is by no means an entirely male problem,but men do seem more prone to it. This embarrassing and inhibiting problem can be caused by a number of fungal disorders as well as by had dietary such as overindulgence in bottles of beer and fast food over a period of time. If a fungal infection is your problem, add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to the foot powder formula below:



Baking powder        1 tablespoon
Sage                               2 drops


Put the baking powder in a plastic bag, add the sage oil, shake bag well.  Allow to dry, and separate mixture by running a rolling pin over the bag. add a zinc supplement to your daily diet, as this can help enormously. Bathing the feet in a bowl of water with 2 drops of essential oil sage, every day for a week, will help too. Dust the feet regularly with the foot powder above and also have half a teaspoon in your shoes overnight–this provide good bacterial protection. Tap the powder out in the morning. change your shoe regularly too.

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