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My Life Experience with the Scammer Rob from Robco Driving

in 2012 Rob (owner), from the business Robco driving located in Queens,NY email: 347-219-6866 offered me a running business a daycare business, first he told me in Aug-Oct 2012 that he was making a daycare business, then in Nov-dec that he got the physical place of the day care and he inaugurated it, and 1 more time he told me in January-February that the business was making $2500 weekly and that he was paying only $2000 in expenses monthly, and he was talking to me about that because before 2013 because i told him that i was selling my old house from my father heritance, and he right away offered me to have a partnership for the daycare that was running and making money.
actually in ANY FORM IF THAT BUSINESS WAS NOT IN EXISTENCE AND NOT MAKING MONEY I WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN ANY MONEY FROM ME, but he lied told me about it and sold the house for 20gs and I had to pay lawyer and other expenses and I gave 14,000 gz from a check and gave me some type of regular paper notarized as business partner but omitted the information, that it had been setup some time ago the business and was making money. I got there may 2013 and also before that he told me that everything was fine the place is making money and I would have a full salary, but when i got there and sign the paper the place was empty, and rarely few they were pleople sing g it as space for small parties, and when i was in that place for hours people was coming g to try to make a phone call and others to use the internet, why? because i found out that it was not in  nov-dec that he opened the place but feb-march and i was there as sucker and still he wanted me to pay ent partial as 1gs something when the day care business did not existed at all., money that he wanted me to pay tat i did not have but i expected pay for the revenues that do not exist at all, and most of the money took from me was not for the business, but most of the money to buy a red motorcycle, when he had a motorcycle good condition and get in short time cars also. I told to this scammer before I left from the US island to the mainland US north  America, that the money that I had from heritage of my father was the only thing I had but he told me not to worry about it and I will have a lot of money from the business, this Rob is a scrupulous scammer don’t care about anybody but himself, don’t believe in his spoken soft voice and acting like a nice guy because he is not, he just a class act professional scammer, and also in April and may before i became homeless for his fault , i found out by one former employee that one of the reasons that she left, because Rob was making her lie to the customers, and also I told about this former employee to the current employee of 2013 and before I became homeless because of him, the guy that worked in that time in Robco Driving told me is truth, because to him also persuade him to lie to customers.

His real business is Robco Driving under Robco Corp, but make people believe about business partnership to take money from innocent people, regardless if the person is poor or not, as long he takes easy money from people, if you like to believe and deceived as customer go to Robco driving, by Robco Corp if you want to have the fantasy to have a business and pay thousands of dollars when is a scam go to Robco Corp. If not don’t go there and share this information so other people can’t fall into his trap.

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