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Natural Cure For Dandruff.


The tell-tale flakes of dead skin cells scattered on shoulders proclaim that someone’s head and hair are in bad condition. even if you brush your hair thoroughly in the morning and brush your shoulders before leaving the house, by lunchtime those little white flakes are back again, making a mess of your appearance and even, sometimes, your life. The manufacturers of dandruff shampoos are not in the business of clearing up the condition permanently, or who would there be to buy their products? But with essential oils you can get to the root of the problem and banish this scourge once and for all.


Rosemary                   Cypress

Lemon                        Lavender

Lime                           Eucalyptus

Birch                           peppermint

Basil                            Sage

Thyme                        Carrot

Pimento berry


Evening            Borage

primrose            Jojoba


The first shampoo loosens  the crusty layer of dead skin cells and in the washing, are taken off. Also, it stimulates the healing mechanisms of the skin to prevent a further build up of dandruff scales.Use this shampoo only avoiding the harsh shampoos in the market.

Soap stew                             4 ounces

Rosemary                            18 drops

Thyme                                    10 drops

Sage                                            8 drops

Blend together well

the next shampoo stimulates a healthy scalp and, thick, shining hair:

Soap stew                              4 Ounces

Sage                                         10 drops

Lemon                                     10 drops

Basil                                           5 drops


peppermint                         15 drops

Blend together well


Dandruff responds very well to treatment with the vinegar rinse. These are the basic ingredients:

Cider vinegar                        1 tablespoon

Thyme                                       5 drops


peppermint                            5 drops

Sage                                           3 drops

Carrots                                    5 drops

Mix these together and put them into 1 ounce of spring water. Using about a teaspoon each time, massage into the scalp (not the hair) every night before going to bed.

Here is another overnight treatment that works very well. Again, this is a scalp conditioner so don’t rub it into the hair. Blend the ingredients together, dip your finger tips into the mixture, and massage the scalp:

Carrot                                  5 drops

Jojoba oil                         15 drops


Primrose oil                  15 drops

Cypress                             3 drops

Natural Health and Spiritual Health.
Natural Health and Spiritual Health.


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